One Westside

Formerly the Westside Pavilion Shopping Mall, Google has signed a 14-year lease for the entirety of the space to renovate, calling it One Westside when complete. The shopping mall is being converted into creative office space with a rooftop terrace, a multi-level atrium, and folding glass walls. The outdoor parking lot on the south side of the building is also being converted into a park-like space for employees. One Westside is Olson Steel’s largest Southern California project, in which Olson Steel is providing the structural steel, decking, and miscellaneous and ornamental metals for the renovation.  Olson Steel performed the Fabrication & Erection of the Structural Steel for the Extensive Structural Retrofit and Seismic Upgrade of the existing 584,000 square ft. three-story Westside Pavilion shopping mall converting it into a new modern office space for Google. The project includes the installation of Qty. (238) Fluid Viscous and Viscoelastic Dampers throughout the existing and upgraded structural steel building. The development will include modernized re-purposed office space reusing the mall’s existing high ceilings, multi-level atrium, and skylights, as well as new large outdoor terrace areas with a rooftop amenity deck and garden.