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ConX® Chassis Based Modular™ Building System

The ConX System reduces the structure of a building to a chassis of systemized components. The basis of the ConX chassis is the robust frame that is comprised of:

  • HSS or box columns (typically concrete filled)
  • Wide flange beams
  • Innovative patented moment (SMF or OMF) and gravity connectors

ConX technology enables premium performance structures to be rapidly and efficiently built without a cost premium. ConX beam and column assemblies are factory fabricated, and can be mass-customized or configured to meet a wide array of aesthetic design and structural loading criteria while remaining cost competitive in nearly any geography. ConX structures can be designed with moment connections at every primary beam-to-column intersection, resulting in a structurally rigid space frame. This innovative connection system enables beams to be simply lowered and locked onto square columns in the field, resulting in a dimensionally accurate structural chassis. The system is often referred to as a full-scale erector set.

Dimensional accuracy enables other factory built structural and architectural elements such as curtain wall systems, stairs, balconies, or other pre-fabricated sub-systems to be efficiently attached to the structural chassis.

Example of benefits

As an example of the benefits of this systemized approach, a mid-rise building comprised of a ConX structural chassis, exit stairs, concrete filled corrugated metal deck, and exterior wall panels is constructed in vertical sections, enclosed, and ready for follow-on trades in weeks rather than months. Here’s an example of a typical schedule for a 100,000 sq ft building.

ConX Systems for Various Applications

ConXtech offers four discrete systems: ConXR™100, ConXR™200, ConXL™300 and ConXL™400. Each is a standalone system used throughout the primary frame and supplemented with ConX Gravity beams.

The letter R or L defines the style of connection. The number (100, 200, 300 or 400) denotes the dimension of the square column in millimeters.

  • ConXR™ Systems
  • Ideal height range: 4 - 8 stories, with capabilities up to 12
  • Field assembly rate: 3,000 - 5,000 sq ft / day


  • Ideal for: Small scale pipe rack structures and platforms for automated pallet retrieval systems.
  • Column size: 100mm (4" HSS)
  • Fixed beam depth: 6" (variable weight)
  • Variable beam spans**: 4' to 16'


  • Ideal for: High-density residential and pipe rack projects.
  • Column size: 200mm (8" HSS)
  • Fixed beam depth: 12" (variable weight)
  • Variable beam spans**: 8' to 20'


  • Ideal height range: 2 - 10 stories, with capabilities up to 12
  • Field assembly rate: 10,000 sq ft /day


  • Ideal for: High-density residential and pipe rack projects.
  • Column size: 300mm (12" HSS or BOX)
  • Variable beam depth*: 14" to 24"
  • Variable beam spans**: 12' to 30'


  • Ideal for: Healthcare, military, data center, commercial office, institutional, R&D, parking and processing structures for industrial and energy & natural resource applications.
  • Column size: 400mm (16" HSS or BOX)
  • Variable beam depth*: 18" to 30" for SMF and deeper for OMF
  • Variable beam spans**: 18' to 45'+

* Allowable beam depth can be greater than or less than this range, dependent upon structural performance criteria.

** Allowable spans may vary from those shown above, dependent on beam tributary area and floor loading.

Faster, Better, Safer® - Streamlining the Building Process

Based on the theory that a finite number of precisely manufactured connectors, components and assemblies can be configured to achieve almost any design criteria, ConXtech employs Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools, robotics and CNC machining / milling to streamline the building processes from structural design to manufacturing and field assembly.

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