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San Leandro Fabrication Plant

The Fabrication shop is an extension of the office design. With natural light and paint we have tried to create an efficient enjoyable workspace in which our fabricators can be productive. Six 20,000 square foot bays under crane, allow us to fabricate everything from heavy structural steel to delicate ornamental metals. Total fabrication facility consists of 150,000 sf with an additional 4 acres of open yard capacity.



Fresno Fabrication Plant

The facility has been producing structural steel and miscellaneous metals for over 40 years. With 10 acres of yard, and Python CNC beam line, this plant is set up for high volume structural. The operation also has an American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) certification for street building structures.



Corporate Headquarters

The unique design at our headquarters in San Leandro is intended to showcase all the various metal products that we can provide our clients. The level of thought, and detail that we have put into our office is an extension of that we strive to provide to our clients projects. Our facility has proven to be a creative and stimulating environment for our serious day to day work.